The web is the ideal tool for working with these mp3’s, allowing anyone with a link to immediately download mp3 files, and then play them back on their PC, on a cellular mp3 player or a typical CD, after the mp3 is burned on to it.

Really, it’s not unfair to say that audiobooks have brought the recorded spoken word into the public consciousness, even though a significant part of our cultural heritage from the past century is already recorded in tremendous groups of spoken word materials.

We talked about basic price and costs linked with recording an audiobook, along with word counts and what makes up an hour of finished audio, along with should you as the author, read the book and we looked at the benefits and drawbacks of any author wanting to record their book. In the second lesson, we looked at more of the technical details of gating, the recording procedure as well as the overuse of software plugins, along with loudness optimizing applications as well as the way they’re able to negatively alter the quality of your overall audio book record if not used right.

A generation of multitaskers brings about audio books. Additionally, an audio book club allows book lovers to let audio novels and love them while doing other tasks. This and more are reasons why one must join a club.